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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is Hollr?

With an unrelenting dream to make our events smarter, Hollr is an event logistics platform that lets its users plan personal celebrations with its advanced tools and features. The app offers a seamless, single window solution to all the aspects of organising a party. Its users can explore unique ideas across categories such as rentals, services, decorations, food and more.

Our vision is to build the most creative, efficient and trusted event management company in the world, giving our customers access to the widest range of ideas and solutions through the largest network of partners. 


2. Where does Hollr operate?

Hollr mobile application can be downloaded on both iOS and android platforms. However our area of service is currently limited to Gurgaon.


3. Is there any minimum period of renting the products and appliances?


Our rental products can be rented for a minimum of 4 hours. They can be rented for upto 72 hours from the app. If any other duration is needed, please talk through our customer support.


4. Why do I have to a pay deposit for the rentals?


We at Hollr, set high benchmarks for our products. We want each of our customers to receive our products in the best condition possible. In our effort to maintain quality, we have placed a security deposit as a check to mitigate damages. 

Our executives after pick up will ensure the proper functioning of products, releasing the deposit money immediately. However in case of any issue with the product, money will be deducted from the deposit in accordance with the terms and conditions.


5. Do I have to pay for delivery and installation?


All Hollr products include delivery and installation. 


6. What is the delivery time of the order?


Hollr has set a delivery time of 2 Hours. There are some product exceptions. Please read the product description.


7. How do I learn more about a product?


Any query regarding our products can be directed to Or you can chat with the Hollr Support team by using our Support feature.

8. How do I pay my deposit and rent?


Hollr accepts cash for all orders upto Rs.5000. The app is also enabled to handle all major online gateways (Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, Net-banking, Wallets, etc).


9. What is the rental value I pay and when do I pay it?


The rental value will be displayed to you in the cart page as well as the product view page while adding all our products through our app.


10. Is there any contract? What are the terms?


Please refer the following document for terms and conditions. 


11. What documents are required to rent products?

The following documents are required:

  1. Aadhar Card

  2. Any other Government ID

12. What are the available modes of payment?


The app is also enabled to handle all major online gateways (Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, Net-banking, Wallets, etc). Hollr accepts cash for all orders upto Rs.5000.


13. What if I damage the product?


In case of damage to Hollr Rentals, each product has unique terms and conditions. Please read the document carefully before renting. We at Hollr place high value on our customers, we will guide and help you through every step of the process. 

14. When do I get my deposit back?


Any deposit placed with Hollr will be released at the time of pick-up after approval from our quality executives.


15. What is the return policy?


Please read our return policy in the following link.


16. What if I don't like the product at the time of delivery?


Customers are free to return our products at the time of delivery. However products which are one time use will be returned solely at the discretion of Hollr

17. Are there any charges for cancellation?

18. How does your rental pricing work?


Hollr rentals are can go as low as 1% of the maximum retail price of the product. We believe in a continued cycle of products , pricing our products at the most affordable rate.

Our users can save money by our day pricing which offers upto 50% saving, if the product is returned by 7:30pm.

19. What if I want to extend the renting period of a product?

Please contact Hollr Support through the app or the website. You can also mail us at Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


20. How do I cancel my order?

All packages which haven’t been packed can be cancelled by the user from the app


21. Can I pay for the rentals for another individual?


Yes, you can pay for other customers provided you have his user details.


22. Do you offer any discounts or promotions?


Yes, Hollr has daily offers and promotions. Go to our promotions page to check them out


23. What other services do you provide?


Hollr has six main verticals to plan to help our customer plan an event. These are:

  1. Services

  2. Rentals

  3. Balloons

  4. Party Accessories

  5. Decorations

  6. Food and Beverages


24. What is the refund policy?


Please refer to our refund policy.


25. Do you offer package deals?


We have created many package deals for our customers. Please go to packages section on the application for the same.

26. Are there any minimum quantities that I need to book?


There is no minimum quantity. However the cart value should have a value of above 1000 or above Rs.200 excluding Food and beverages for free

delivery. A small delivery fee will be added in any other case


27. When do I need to have my final numbers by?


Hollr has an operational delivery time between 10am and 10pm. We aim for a two hour delivery so we recommend our customers to close their orders accordingly.


28. Can I add to my order at the last minute?


If our delivery agent hasn’t left our warehouse, we will surely help you out with any last minute edits.


29. What do you do for late night pick-ups?


We deliver our lost order at 10pm.


30. I may need my items to be picked up at a specific time, how would that work?


We have specific delivery slots through out the day where you can schedule your delivery. Also you can place an order upto 14 days before delivery


31.What should I do if I receive my order and items are missing or damaged?


Contact customer support immediately or call us at our helpline. Rest assured we will do the needful. Your money will be refunded or the product

exchanged according to your request.


32.I did not use all my items, will I get a refund?


No once items are delivered they will be no refund on non-usage of product.


33.What happens if I am late returning my rentals?


There is a late fee for late return of rentals. If you plan to extend your rental, Hollr team will be delighted to give you the best offer for an extension.


34.Do you rent for out of town events?

We are currently operating the Gurgaon area. Any event with this boundary will be accepted.